A Night At Home In The Dark

Well we had some nasty thunderstorms roll through the other night.  We were without power for almost 5 hours.  Normally this isn’t a big deal but the kids were being especially restless and bored stiff.  Like always during such an event we all scrambled for the flashlights and candles to help light up the house a bit.  Since there really wasn’t anything to do I suggested we play monopoly.  I was shocked to find out my kids had never played it.  I know kids today have the internet playstation and all sorts of electronic games to occupy their time but really never played monopoly.  I asked my wife how this was possible and she said they had plenty of board games but have never really played any of them and many are still unopened in their original wrappings.  Wow what a waste of money those Christmas gifts were.  Anyway after explaining the rules and going over the game details we sat down as a family and had a great time playing monopoly.  We even pulled out a few other board games including clue, life, stratego and good old Chinese checkers.  The kids I must say had a really good time playing board games and were quite surprised at how much fun they were.  I was really excited when I saw my daughter looking up different board games online today after school.  She found a great site with all kinds of board game review  s and has since started playing many of the old games in our closets.


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What Did You Do To Secure Your Retirement In 2008

I was sitting around last night during a New Years eve party and couldn’t believe my ears when people started talking about the stock market.  I had never expected the current economy and discussions over retirements to be the hot topic of the night but it sure was.  Everyone was complaining about how bad their 401K had done in the past year.   I for one am of the mind set that financial planning is more of a personal issue and really didnt feel like discussing my portfolio with anyone, however the booze was taking over just a bit.  I’m not an old person by any means and have a good 20+ years to invest in my on financial security so this years downturn really doesnt bother me all that much as my financial planner has always pointed out that in a down market your getting more shares for your money.  This huge decline in the equities market is a huge buying opportunity for myself and others that have a long time until they retire and shouldn’t scare you away from the markets in my opinion.  I’m not a personal finance planner and dont claim to be so don’t take my word for it there are plenty others advice you should take way before mine.  I urge you to atleast take a look at your 401k and decide if your current financial planis inline with your long term investment goals.

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Learning Through Contests

I’ve recently decided to take a look at learning some new skills just incase I lose my job or get layed off.  Since I enjoy working with computers and the internet I decided to take up web developement and perhaps will take a chance at doing some online money making.  I’m not talking about selling stuff on craigslist or ebay but real live internet based business.  I ran across a cool little contest the other day while browsing through a bunch of digg and mixx posts that really caught my attention.  Not understanding exactly what it was about I looked into it a bit deeper.  The contest is designed to help you understand what it takes to promote websites and how to get them seen by others.  It definately has an odd name its the dirty blue widget contest.  the contest works based on your skill level you will create a site about eitehr clean widgets or dirty widgets .  Being a beginner I probably should have chose the clean widget topic but figured I might learn more working with the advanced blue widget team.  What exactly I’ll gain from this I’m not sure but one thing is for certain when the contest is over I should have the market cornered on dirty blue widgets.  I hope this exercise allows me learn how to make extra income quicker using my websites.

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Is Buying Gold Coins A Safe Investment

I’ve been hit hard by the latest market crash much like everyone else in the US these days.  I’ve watched my 401k drop to almost nothing , thank goodness I have several years left to gain it back.  I have been wondering if buying gold coins or investing in gold and silver bullion would be a wise investment during these times.  Gold at one point was up to around $1000 per ounce and has dropped back to $800 in the last few weeks.  I have a small coin collection now , mostly silver dollars and proof sets but have been considering in buying some more.  I know the time to buy gold coins was a few years ago when gold was below $500 per ounce.  I looked into several sites that promote buying gold and gold coins and they are all speculating gold will go over $1000 and keep climbing in the next few years. Most do state that your portfolio should contain anymore than 10 percent of assets invested in gold or silver coins.  Look at the last few years of growth in gold prices at MSN

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Spring Is Ideal Time To Treat For Fleas

Don’t you hate it every summer and fall when the dogs and cats start bringing fleas into the house.  Spring time is an excellent time to treat your yard for fleas, ticks ants and other household pests.  Many of us already plan on fertilizing our yards and killing weeds during this time, so you might as well go ahead and treat your yard to control household pests.   This is an ideal time to consider year round or summer flea control for your dog.  I’ve been using a product from frontline to treat my dog the last several years and have been very happy.  Check out your local store for dog flea collars and other products to keep them pest free

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Taking A Family Vacation

I’ve been spending the last couple hours listening to a conference call that has nothing to do with me so i decided to surf for some family vacation spots.  Our family really enjoys being in nature, hiking and fishing.  I have seen some really nice places to visit. Yellow Stone National Park, The Grand Canyon, Redwood Forrest, Smoky Mountain National Park and several others are on my list.  With gas prices being so high I’ll probably opt to take a vacation in the Smoky Mountains since its closer to me than the others.  Maybe I’ll hit the others over the next few years.

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Ease Your Back Pain

Are you one of the many people who suffer from chronic back pain?  Welcome to the club. I’ve struggled with lower back issues for the last 15 years.  I finally broke down and bought an adjustable air bed.  You know the kind the ones you always hear advertised. You select a comfort level to determine how hard you want your mattress.  I must say I’ve been quite impressed so far.  I’ll update you again in a few months after I’ve had time to sleep on this new mattress a bit more.  Mark it down, if it doesn’t live up to its expectations I’ll let you know.

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